Gaujas bāziens 2018 - rules

Start: Start location (open in Waze) Depends on the water level in the river. Low water level means start for the Marathon course will be given in Valmiera (~70km), high water - Strenči (~95km). Start for Sprint (~28km) course will be given in Cēsis where Lenčupe falls into river Gauja open in Waze.

Finish: Finish location (open in Waze) Christian Retreat centre Gančauskas. Finish service includes a warm meal, hot showers and sauna. For a small additional fee you can stay overnight, enjoy breakfast and take a small hike in the river valley before departure. There is also a playground for kids.

Timing: Registration for the Marathon course starts on the 29th of September, 2018  7:00 in the Start location. Race starts at 8:00. The finish line closes down 29.09.2018. 23:00
Registration for the Sprint starts at 12:00. The race starts at 13:00. 

The course: Be ready for 70 km or 7 – 15 h of paddling. Do prepare hydration and nutrition for the race and enjoy Gauja river valley in the autumn
Boat classes: Single and double kayaks or canoes, Voyager canoes (4+ paddlers), inflatables („Sprint” course),
SUP or stand up paddling boards.


 Entrance fee per person  Time of the registration
 15 EUR  till 09.09.2018
 17 EUR  till 16.09.2018
 23 EUR  till 29.09.2018
 25 EUR  Registration on the spot

Transfer entrance fee to:
Recipient: Vecpiebalgas Airētāju biedrība
Address: Lejas Jukāni, Liezēres pagasts, Madonas novads, Latvija LV-4884
Account Number: LV89HABA0551029305219
Name of the bank and address: AS Swedbank, Balasta dambis 1a, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija
Information: GAUJAS BĀZIENS 2018, „names of the participants”, ENTRANCE FEE

Contacts of the organisers: Jānis Balodis t. +371 29473634, Didzis Sedlenieks t. + 371 29268924

The event is organised by: Vecpiebalgas Airētāju biedrība sadarbībā Latvijas Kanu airēšanas biedrību (